Mankato’s annual leaf vacuuming service has begun and lasts through Friday, November 20, and is weather dependent. Leaves are removed on the day after garbage pick-up.
To have leaves removed:
  • Place leaves in the gutter (on the street next to the curb).
  • Ensure leaves are free of brush, which can damage the leaf vacuum machine.
  • Remove parked vehicles from streets on the day after recycling/garbage pickup for the leaf vacuum machine to get through.
Residents living on corner lots are asked to pull leaves from the street corner because the leaf vacuum machine turns too wide to pick up leaves left on the corner.
Leaf vacuuming, an added-value service, helps keep Mankato streets clean. The leaf vacuum removes leaves and then chops and compacts them in a self-contained mechanism. The chopped, compacted leaves are then recycled as mulch.
For more information, contact the city of Mankato at 311 or 507-387-8600.