Residents of two dozen Minnesota counties plus the Red Lake Nation can now order a free COVID saliva test on-line to take at home, under a pilot program just launched by the state Health Department.   Assistant Commissioner Dan Huff:

“You just get on-line, order your test, it will come in the mail, it’s very easy. You actually do a Zoom call with a health provider over the computer and they walk you through it, and then you just mail it right in.”

Huff says people will receive results in a couple days via e-mail. For more information, go to the Minnesota Department of Health website and search for “COVID-19 Test at Home”.

Huff says they want to make the COVID saliva test available to everyone in Minnesota as soon as possible:

“I think we’ll probably run the pilot for a week, maybe two, make sure we get everything worked out and then, by sometime in November we’ll have it available to everybody in Minnesota.”

The pilot Test at Home program is available to residents of:

  • Le Sueur County
  • Steele County