The Mankato area saw its first round of snowfall for the season, topping around 4 inches according to the National Weather Service.

MN-DOT’s Anne Meyer says hopefully the warmer road temps will help crews keep a lot of areas more clear — however…

“Areas like bridges, ramps — those are traditionally colder areas, so they might see some slick spots earlier than the rest of the highway, and we just want drivers to be aware of that.”

Meyer urges drivers to slow down and give snowplows plenty of room:

“Ten car-lengths behind a snowplow, that’s your safest location. That will give our snowplow operators a lot of room to work…. We don’t encourage motorists to try and pass a plow ’cause you just never know what’s on the other side of that plow.”

Meyer advises drivers, check before you start out:

“That’s gonna let them see current road conditions, any traffic impacts on their route. Maybe they can catch a view from a snowplow camera or a highway camera.   All of that information can really be helpful to a driver behind the wheel, just so that they know what they’re getting into.”

Meyer notes this is the first of many rounds to come:

“So we hope that drivers are putting back on their winter driving caps and paying attention each time they get behind the wheel because winter’s gonna be with us for a while.”