After a 5th special session, Minnesota has a bonding bill.

“There being 64 ayes and 3 nays, the bill is passed.”

While the bill passed the state senate today by a wide margin, many senators took issue with parts of the bill they say were inserted by the DFL controlled House yesterday. Republican Senator Rich Draheim made his disappointment clear on the during debate on the Senate floor.

“I think we outdid ourselves this time, probably the worst bill I’ve seen in four years. full of pork. and we’re not talking the good kind of pork.”

DFL senator Jerry Newton wasn’t in favor of everything in the bill but said in the end lawmakers have a responsibility to address infrastructure needs.

“Candidly, it spends a lot of money, but I have always thought it is important what you spend the money on rather than the total amount of the bill.”

Aspects of the bill that did receive wide support included transportation and clean water funding.