Blue Earth County recognizes the important role certain community support organizations play in providing needed services for Blue Earth County residents, particularly in times of economic distress.  Community support organizations that help provide housing services, food, childcare programs, employment opportunities, and access to social and health services mitigate the demand on County social service and public health programs.

The County further recognizes that community support organizations have been impacted by the current economic environment caused by the COVID-19 public health crisis in much the same way as a business has been impacted.  The County has established a program to provide support for community organizations to assist those organizations in meeting the needs of Blue Earth County residents affected by the COVID-19 public health crisis.

Eligible organizations may receive a one-time grant of up to $75,000 based on demonstrated need and for use on eligible expenses for the time period of March 1, 2020, through July 31, 2020.

Applications will be accepted from October 14 through October 31.  Additional grant details such as eligible vs ineligible organizations, allowable usage of funds, application, etc can be found on the County’s website