The property tax levy rate in Mankato is staying the same. Alison Zelms is the deputy city manager in Mankato.

“For the tenth year in a row, we are anticipating a flat extension rate of 44 percent for the city’s property tax,” said Zelms. “Any increase in actual dollars is primarily coming from new construction.”

The Mankato City Council took the action at its meeting Monday night. Zelms says the council takes similar action every year around this time.

“Every year by mid-September, the city has to adopt the property tax levy,” said Zelms. “From there the levy can go down but it cannot go up. It basically gives the assessor a limit to work with as they’re finalizing everyone’s assessment.”

Zelms says new home construction increase by two-and-half percent this year. A public hearing on the levy rate and the city budget has been scheduled for December seventh.