Many parents are struggling with the decision on whether or not to allow their kids to play sports during the COVID-19 pandemic. Mayo Clinic Dr. David Souma says the first thing to factor in is your child’s health, do they suffer any underlying health conditions:

“And then on top of that looking at each local disease activity to determine is this an area that’s higher risk versus a lower risk area.”

Dr. Souma adds when playing sports you need to follow protocols:

“Social distancing, so that’s maintaining that grid of six-feet of distance. Utilization of masks, as much as possible because that has been shown to decrease the spread of COVID-19. And then the hand hygiene and wiping down of equipment.”

Dr. Souma says if your child is healthy, it really boils down to what’s right for you and your family:

“So if your child’s kind of identity, self, and well-being really benefited by playing sports and the answer is yes, then you may be willing to take on some additional risk compared to others.”

Dr. Souma says that even though children are having better outcomes in regards to COVID when compared with older people, they can still carry the virus and pass it on to others.