Total positive cases (cumulative)
Newly reported cases
Newly reported deaths
County of residence Age group Number of newly reported deaths
Carver 85-89 years 1
Crow Wing 80-84 years 1
Crow Wing 100+ years 1
Dakota 55-59 years 1
Dakota 85-89 years 1
Dakota 90-94 years 1
Hennepin 85-89 years 1
Kanabec 90-94 years 1
Nicollet 60-64 years 1
Olmsted 50-54 years 1
Ramsey 75-79 years 1
Ramsey 80-84 years 1
St. Louis 85-89 years 1
Waseca 90-94 years 2
Residence type Number of newly reported deaths
Private residence 4
Long-term care facility/Assisted living 11


Total approximate number of completed tests: 1,646,961

  • Total approximate number of people tested: 1,205,501

Graph of Laboratory testing for COVID-19 (SARS-COV-2), data in table below.

Testing data table

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Minnesota Case Overview

  • Total positive cases: 82,249
    • Number of health care workers: 8,948

Graph of confirmed cases of COVID-19 by specimen collection date, data in table below.

Positive cases by date specimen collected data table

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Patients no longer needing isolation

  • Patients no longer needing isolation: 75,425


  • Deaths: 1,884
    • Deaths among cases that resided in long-term care or assisted living facilities: 1,375
  • Probable COVID-19 Deaths*: 52
    * COVID-19 listed on death certificate but a positive test not documented for the person.

Deaths of confirmed cases in Minnesota, data in table below

Deaths data table


Total cases hospitalized: 6,830

  • Hospitalized as of today*: 257
    • Hospitalized in ICU as of today*: 138
      * Refer to “More about hospitalizations” for notes.

Minnesota COVID-19 hospitalizations, data in table below

Hospitalization data table

Case Demographics