The Minnesota state legislature will return to St. Paul (Friday). Governor Walz will ask lawmakers to extend his COVID-19 peacetime emergency powers 30 additional days. Could lawmakers ever refuse to come back for the session to end the Governor’s powers? State Representative Jeremy Munson of Lake Crystal says no.

“I’ve received many calls saying, why don’t you just refuse to go back and that way his powers will end ?” said Munson. “That’s not the way it works. All the Governor needs to do is give the legislature a chance to say no to extending his powers.”

Munson says there is a way for the Governor to extend the peacetime emergency without the legislature’s permission.

“The legislation which gives him the power to do this was so poorly written that he could let his emergency powers expire, and then a minute later, re-issue the peacetime emergency declaration without having to call the legislature back into session,” said Munson.

A Ramsey County court judge dismissed a lawsuit challenging the Governor’s emergency powers last week. A group of lawmakers announced Thursday morning they will appeal that decision to the state supreme court.