The campaign drive to the fall elections is ramping up with both national conventions behind us, and one of the most important races is for U-S Senate, where incumbent Democrat Tina Smith faces a significant challenge from former Congressman Jason Lewis, a Republican.   Hamline University analyst David Schultz says four weeks ago, it looked like Smith had a double-digit lead:

“But what’s interesting is Jason Lewis has apparently narrowed the gap in the same way that Donald Trump is narrowing the gap with Joe Biden.”

Schultz says Republicans will have to decide very quickly whether they’ll put extra money into the race to help Lewis…

…”or do they think that this is not a race that they can actually do a pick-up on, and are they gonna move resources elsewhere.   And I think that’s gonna be a decision that’s gonna be made in the next three weeks.”

Schultz says circumstances surrounding the death of George Floyd and the Kenosha police shooting are also affecting Smith’s campaign.