Eveleth Mayor Bob Vlaisavljevich turned political heads at the Republican National Convention last night (Tues), saying as a life-long Democrat he’s supporting President Donald Trump. Vlaisavljevich said both parties allowed the U-S to be ripped off by trading partners, especially China:

“And what did so-called leaders like Joe Biden do?   Nothing. …We lost thousands of jobs. We lost a generation of young people who had to leave the Iron Range to find a livelihood.”

Vlaisavljevich said then “a straight-talking New Yorker burst onto the scene, promising to stand up to China”:

“Four years later the Iron Range is roaring back to life and we have one man to thank: President Donald Trump.”

Minnesota Democratic Party leaders were not available to respond.


“The radical environmental movement has dragged the Democratic Party so far to the left they can no longer claim to be advocates of the working man.”

He says Democrats’ Green New Deal is a “job-killing disgrace” and Joe Biden is “too weak, too scared and too sleepy to stand up to the radical left.”