After a surprise visit to the Republican National Convention earlier in the day, President Trump took center stage again last night (Mon) with a small group of front-line workers at the White House, where this nursing supervisor told him:

“It takes a true leader to be able to ignore all that stuff and do what is right and not be offended by all the words being said. And you really do show that positive spirit to us, and as nurses I appreciate that….”

Trump: “Well, I’m for the nurses, I’m for the doctors, I’m for everybody. We just have to make this China virus go away, and it’s happening.”

Democrats respond Trump didn’t acknowledge the seriousness of COVID until it took hold, then left states to fend for themselves.

“There’s no amount of production that’s gonna be able to paper over his failures and his broken promises that he made to Minnesotans.”

…Minnesota D-F-L Party Chairman Ken Martin.