The challenger to incumbent first-district US Representative Jim Hagedorn is raising concerns over Hagedorn firing his chief of staff last week. Dan Feehan, who narrowly lost to Hagedorn in 2018, says the congressman’s silence on the issue has been deafening.

“I am a combat veteran who did two tours of duty in Iraq,” said Feehan. “I was a platoon leader. Whatever happened to my platoon, it was my responsibility. That’s what leadership is. Hiding from responsibility is cowardice. And that’s what we’re seeing out of our representative right now. An unwillingness to accept what happened with his office and his office budget.”

Hagedorn fired Peter Su for spending almost 40 percent of his office’s annual expense allowances in the first quarter of this year. Legistorm, a firm that tracks allowances, says about half the spending was on printing and mail correspondence. Feehan says regular folks are sick of these types of actions from elected representatives.

“Mr. Hagedorn, just this week, hired a lawyer who has been involved with other members of congress who have had corruption in their office as well. One of whom is in jail right now,” said Feehan. “This is what people hate about politics, the idea that members of congress put themselves over the needs of their constituents.”

Legistorm reports Hagedorn spent more in expense allowances than any other congressman in the first quarter.