Minnesota Republican Senate Candidate Jason Lewis recently got someone else’s mail by mistake. Lewis says campaign workers opened up his P-O box to find donation letters addressed to Governor Tim Walz.

“With an envelope included, that is pre-printed, being returned to the wrong post office box. And it wasn’t one or two, it was a whole lot of them, in one day.”

Lewis says they obviously are going to return the letters back to the post office, but the obvious error puts a fine point on the issue of widespread mail-in voting.

“If they can’t get that right, what makes anybody think they’re going to process millions of ballots and get them back in time to be counted properly?”

Lewis says, while voting in person is the surest way to make your vote count, he also supports voting absentee, within the guidelines and safeguards of current law.

Lewis says Democrat hinting that post office issues stem from the Oval Office is a blatant partisan trick

“This is an attempt to give the democrats one more vehicle to steal an election. We’re all for absentee ballots, but there are safeguards built into the current law.”