In Mankato Monday afternoon, President Trump said while he’s using a science-based approach to battle the COVID pandemic…

“Biden wants to lock all Americans in their basements for months on end, which would inflict permanent, irreversible harm on our nation’s children, families, health and economy.”

President Trump pledged to “bring back law and order,” blasting Democrats’ response to the Twin Cities riots:

“(Congresswoman Ilhan) Omar called the Minneapolis police a cancer and said they were rotten to the root, but Joe Biden did not condemn the comments. He didn’t want to talk about it…. This is what’s gonna be running the country.”

President Trump promised to “bring back law and order,” saying about his Democratic opponent:

“In Joe Biden’s America, the protections of American citizenship will be stripped away and your community will be left at the mercy of the mob. In mean, I’m saying these things but I mean ’em! When I look at what happened in Minneapolis.”

Trump pledged to rebuild America’s economy even better than before coronavirus, saying about his Democratic opponent:

“For years, left-wing politicians like Joe Biden talked about supporting American workers. Then they got elected and gave away your jobs… and they sold off your… beautiful, beautiful American Dreams. They sold ’em off to the highest bidder.”