Minnesotans head to the polls tomorrow (Tues) for the primary election, although many people have already voted by mail and those ballots remain to be counted:

It’s a foregone conclusion that Tina Smith will be Democrats’ candidate for U-S Senate and Republican Jason Lewis will be the challenger. But there are significant primary battles in some of Minnesota’s congressional districts. In the 5th — Minneapolis and near suburbs — Democratic U-S Representative Ilhan Omar — a national figure — is facing a significant challenge from Antone Melton-Meaux. The DFL Party filed a federal elections complaint, trying to derail Melton-Meaux’s campaign. In the 7th Congressional District in western Minnesota, Republican-endorsed and Trump-endorsed candidate, former Lieutenant Governor Michelle Fischbach, is being challenged by retired Air Force Major Dave Hughes, who wants a third chance to run against Democrat Collin Peterson.

Locally, the race to watch is in House 23b where Yvonne Simon is challenging Representative Jeremy Munson for the Republican nomination.