Republican lawmakers say Governor Tim Walz insulted the Minnesota National Guard when he told Mayor Jacob Frey, who was requesting soldiers to control riots in Minneapolis, that instead of trained troops he’d be getting “19-year-olds who are cooks.” Senator Andrew Lang, a National Guard major from Olivia, says “to be talked down to like that is unimaginable”:

“The Governor and I can have our disagreements on political items. We can have disagreements on how we see the future of the state progressing but this was too far, this was across the line. This was disparaging, I would say to the nth degree. The 19-year-old kids that went down there and really saved that city, don’t deserve to be talked to like that.”

Walz made the “19-year-olds who are cooks” comment after Mayor Frey accused the governor of hesitating to deploy the National Guard for riot control.   Walz says the mayor misunderstood what was required prior to activating the Guard. Walz criticized Frey shortly after the riots, saying the Minneapolis response was an “abject failure.”