Representative Jim Hagedorn (R-MN-1) says he supports Mayo Clinic Health System’s agreement with the Minneapolis VA Health Care System.

“Our veterans are our heroes.   Our veterans deserve medical care on par with anyone else. Sometimes they have to travel far to get medical care and this makes it more convenient for them, it gives them a choice.”

The contract takes effect on August 1st and includes the following services: Behavioral Health, Professional Services, Dialysis, General Acute Care, Home Health, Hospice, Critical Access and Rural Health Clinic.

Hagedorn says he also supports another round of coronavirus aid with certain stipulations

“We need incentives to get people back to work. There was a provision put in by Democrats on unemployment to get an extra $600. We need an incentive to get them back to work such as maybe give them 70 percent.”

He says there also needs to be money in the bill for farmers.

“Farmers from the very beginning have been getting hit by this. One part would have about a billion dollars when they had to euthanize their animals and not use the meat for the food supply.”

When it comes to COVID testing and the response, Hagedorn was critical of the Walz administration’s response when it came to long term care facilities.

“We all should have done better.”

Hagedorn says we need to get back to opening up schools and businesses.

“I think that the governor’s orders have been arbitrary and we need to get back to competing with Iowa and Wisconsin and South Dakota.”

When it comes to the mask mandate, he says it should be left to the individual businesses and people.

And when it comes to schools:

“It is time the governor quit treating rural Minnesota like the Twin Cities. It should be left to the local districts.”

He says if the kids go back to school, he doesn’t see it making any difference in how the pandemic turns out.