Highway 68 from Highway 15 to just west of Blue Earth County Road 45 (south of Courtland) will open for traffic today, Tuesday, July 28 around noon after part of the repair work was recently completed.

Two Highway 68 sites needed to be repaired from mudslides in late June.  The smaller downslope slide, just east of the old Cat & The Fiddle, has been partially repaired by constructing a concrete wall/anchor system and adding guardrail.  Additional ravine and drainage repairs at this site will be complete later this summer, but the work to-date has allowed for a safe re-opening of the highway for now.

The second site, the larger hillside slide near the road to Courtland, will require additional repairs. This repair, along with the additional ravine and drainage work at the Cat & The Fiddle site, will result in a second closure of Highway 68 in the near future.

For updated road condition information, call 511 or visit www.511mn.org.