Last week, Iraq War Veteran and former teacher Dan Feehan held a virtual town hall with Dr. Priya Sampathkumar, MD of Infectious Diseases in Rochester; Dr. Christopher McCoy, Doctor of Internal Medicine in Rochester; Dr. Rozalina McCoy, Doctor of Community Internal Medicine in Rochester; and Liz Boldon, board-certified Registered Nurse and a nursing educator supervisor in Rochester to discuss the ongoing healthcare implications of COVID-19. 

This is the second healthcare town hall Feehan has held with area healthcare professionals to provide updates and information with residents of Minnesota’s First District. 

Feehan offered the following statement: 

“Washington has failed to respond to both the public health crisis and the economic crisis caused by COVID-19. Southern Minnesotans deserve better than politicians who bail out corporate special interests while refusing to fight for more affordable healthcare,” said Feehan. “We deserve a federal government that’s working as hard as our healthcare professionals and frontline workers are to tackle this crisis.”