Minnesota now counted among the 30 states with a mask mandate.

“With this mask mandate and with the things we have done previously to this, I think it’s very possible for us to start moving forward. If we can get a 90 to 95% compliance, which we’ve seen the science shows. We can reduce infection rates dramatically.”

Governor Tim Walz issued the executive order today saying the mandate will begin for public indoor spaces starting Friday at Midnight. Walz hopes the step will lead to further opening of the state.

“The most effective way for us to open up our businesses, for us to get our kids back in school. For us to keep our grandparents healthy, and for us to get back that life that we all miss so much.”

Exceptions include people with a medical condition, mental health condition, or disability that makes it unreasonable for the individual to maintain a face covering. Children 5 years old and younger are also exempt.