State Senator Nick Frentz of North Mankato says he believes police reform can be accomplished during this special session:

“I’m an optimist I think there can be some common ground. Have they found it yet, no? And will that mean some gets done now and more later? Maybe, could it mean nothing gets done yeah that’s always a possibility.”

He also says there are some fixes they could enact:

“We can make changes to the police officers training board, that’s the board that supervises cop’s licenses and talks about the ways people become police officers and sometimes the way they lose their licenses.”

Frentz says police reform could also be tied to other bills:

“There are members of both the House and Senate who say there are some things they won’t support unless there is police reform and that’s their prerogative, I guess they have to answer to the voters in their district.”

He says he supports reform to police accountability:

“If a lawyer does something wrong they are accountable to their client. If a doctor commits malpractice their accountable to their patient and it should be the same or a police officer and I think we can get there.”