Minnesota lawmakers will be heading back to St.Paul for another special session next week. Governor Walz’s emergency powers related to COVID-19 expire Monday, and State Senator Rich Draheim of Madison Lake fully expects them to be extended.

“I think Governor Walz wants to extend his powers as long as possible,” said Draheim. “One way to do that is to keep the fear going. They’ll keep changing the goalposts to keep us jumping through hoops to live our lives.”

The house and senate would need to vote to stop the emergency powers. Last month, the republican-controlled Senate voted to do so but the DFL controlled house approved continuing the Governor’s powers. Draheim says at this point the approach should be about managing the virus because the virus isn’t going away.

“The goal post has been moved many times. They keep on changing the criteria. I really don’t understand why. We’re going to be living with this for a while and we have to adjust,” said Draheim.

The special session is scheduled to begin Monday.