State Representative Jack Considine of Mankato says he will support the extension of Governor’s Walz peacetime emergency powers because he feels has no other choice.

“I have two choices,” said Considine. “One, end the peacetime emergency and have nobody at the helm, or two, back the Governor. There has to be someone who’s willing to do the work and be there on a daily basis.”

Considine says if senate republicans agreed to finish their work, he’d have no problem stopping Walz’s peacetime resolution.

“If the Republicans would agree to negotiate and stick around, I would support the end to the emergency resolution,” said Considine. “But they’re not going to do that.”

Considine says with the rise in COVID-19 cases in other parts of the country, that’s the sign that the virus is not over and the state needs someone in charge. Minnesota lawmakers are expected to return to St. Paul for a special session next Monday.