A Minnesota State Senator, who is also a Doctor, is being investigated by the state board of medical practices. Dr. Scott Jensen of Chaska appeared Monday on the Al in the Afternoon program on KTOE. He says there were two complaints against him.

“On April 7th, in a TV interview, I mentioned death certificate completion as identified by the Department of Health was flawed and ridiculous I spending misinformation, even though I laid out why I said that,” said Jensen. “The other complaint is when I dared to compare to COVID-19 to influenza, I was providing reckless information to the public.”

Jensen says he respects the board and they have a job to do but says he doesn’t like the process.

“When I’m told I can’t know my accuser. When I’m told I can’t see the complaint. When I’m told that the complainant doesn’t have to provide any due cause. I should know that. I should know why I’m being accused,” said Jensen.

Jensen says people should have the ability to disagree when discussing COVID-19 but unfortunately many have put emotions first and respect second.