Eric Weller of the South-Central Healthcare Coalition says he hopes people don’t think we are going back to normal anytime soon.

“There won’t be going back to normal”.

He says it is not surprising that cases are rising in Minnesota

“We’re doing more testing so there’s going to be more cases.”

He says there’s one group that’s being hit harder.

“Young people, the age range from 20-24 years old is having the largest amount of cases.”

He says we also need to remember:

“You can be asymptomatic. We are not out of this yet.”

He says there are talks of a vaccine but it might be a while before it can be mass-produced.

“I don’t see it happening until the winter or spring. It will take a while to get it produced and there might be the priority of who will get it first.”

He says the young, healthy people would be last on the list. He adds that people should be getting tested and that the process isn’t as bad as it once sounded.

“It’s not as bad as sticking it up and going to your brain. But if you have symptoms contact your provider and get tested.”

He says the best thing to do is to call your provider and walk through your symptoms to see how to proceed.