Reports of conservative campaign dollars targeting Minnesota voters is increasing the profile of the state as a key battleground in November. U-S Senate Candidate Jason Lewis says the narrow margin of defeat for President Trump in Minnesota in 2016 was just a first sign of the vulnerability of Democrats.

“They’re driving people away, there is no way what is happening in the Twin Cities, and now across the country is playing to the benefit of the democrats when the average independent and yes, suburban mom looks at a lack of public safety and says, “Oh yeah. I’ll go vote for that party.” Not a chance.”

Lewis says he is skeptical of national polls showing the president trailing Joe Biden, pointing to the summer of 1988 where Michael Dukakis held a double figure lead on the eventual winner George H.W. Bush as well as President Trump’s own victory in 2016, despite negative poll numbers.

Lewis says the national democrats swept into office in the 2018 mid-term elections have not given people any tangible reason to support their party.

“We said they’d do nothing except obstruct, investigate and impeach. Well guess what, that’s what they did. And now on top of that, you’ve got the chaos in the streets with democrats refusing to fulfill their fundamental role as policy makers and enforce the rule of law.”