The American Association of Pediatrics is out with a recommendation that children need to be back in school buildings in the fall. Doctor Katie Smentek  with Mankato Clinic serves on the board for the Minnesota chapter of the organization

“What we have been finding is the negative impacts of kids being out of schools, including social isolation, getting healthy meals and exercise and mental health support, are causing more of an impact on children than the actual COVID-19 epidemic, ” said Smentek.

Smentek was asked about the risk of children potentially spreading COVID-19 to vulnerable populations.

“The studies that have been done so far show that most children that have tested positive for COVID-19 got it from an adult, not the other way around,” said Smentek. “There’s always that possibility, but the risk is lower than any other typical type of virus.”

Smentek says as the medical community has collected more data, it has shown children are less likely to show symptoms or spread COVID-19.