The heavy rainfall of Sunday night into Monday morning has caused multiple roadways in the area to be closure. Chase Fester with MnDOT District seven says Highway 68 in the Courtland area will be closed for a while yet.

“We have some slope issues out there that we need to get addressed,” said Fester. “We’re looking at a multi-day closure at that spot to make sure we can get that cleaned up and safe for the public.”

Fester says when areas receive five to eight inches of rainfall in a short amount of time there’s only so much they can do

“A lot of our drainage features can’t hold that much rain in that short of time,” said Fester. “When we receive that much rain that fast, the erosion happens to cause the mudslides.”

MnDOT District 7 says Highway 93 at Henderson remains closed due to flooding as well as Highway 99 east of Highway 13 due to a failed culvert.