Several key legislative items remain unresolved after the 2020 special session adjourned over the weekend at the State Capitol. Senate majority leader Paul Gazelka says there is no clear indication of what Governor Tim Walz has planned moving forward.

“He has to bring us back on July 12th if he wants to keep emergency powers. My hope is sooner or later there’s enough democrats that will agree with us that he does not need emergency powers. That the virus was not the predicted 40-thousand deaths if we sheltered everybody in place.”

During the session, Gazelka says he was frustrated by what he sees as the disruptive approach to legislative negotiation used by Walz late in the special session.

Gazelka says the only guarantee is Governor Walz needs legislative approval before July 12th in order to keep his emergency executive powers.

“Sooner or later we gotta get rid of them and start putting the spotlight on why did you keep these powers so long?”