Minnesota sixth district representative Tom Emmer says the partisan tone of debate surrounding social justice reform is troublesome.

“Intensifying the politicization you’re seeing from our governor and the speaker of the house and others with this thing about the world is watching. no, be thoughtful, do things because they are actually going to improve the situation.”

A concrete step Emmer says is part of national legislation, improving transparency in police officer records to keep any unfit officers from staying on the job.

“They’re not going to be able to just jump to another department without having that record follow them. So I think that’s been one of the problems, they seal these things so people don’t know what the history is, and that is going to change.”

Emmer says posturing does nothing to address the issue.

“We’ve got some issues as a country, we’ve got some issues around the world, but now is not the time to have theatrical, emotional, outbursts that are, in my opinion directed toward a partisan agenda.”