Minnesota House Democrats are arguing with Senate Republicans about how to distribute 841 million dollars in federal COVID relief money to Minnesota cities, counties and townships. Farmington Republican Pat Garofalo accuses Governor Tim Walz of sowing discord among lawmakers:

“If the legislature fails to reach an agreement on these items, the governor gets to make these decisions. He gets to take the federal funds and he gets to appropriate them where he wants.”

Dilworth Democrat Paul Marquart contends the House shouldn’t just go along with a bill the Republican-controlled Senate passed Tuesday night:

“The public deserves to be able to weigh in on a bill this size that’s going to impact all 5.6 million people in this state.”

Two more days remain before Senate Republicans say they’ll adjourn the special session.

House Republican Minority Leader Kurt Daudt told Democrats:

“This is your opportunity to not play games.   This is it.”

But House Democratic Majority Leader Ryan Winkler contends hearings are appropriate:

“Giving House members a day or two to look at this, examine it and decide whether this makes sense for us, is worth the time it takes to get it done right.”