The Republican-controlled Minnesota Senate said “no” last night (Tues) to prohibiting law enforcement agencies from providing “warrior-style” training to their officers. Rochester Republican Dave Senjem says he supports a ban on so-called “Rambo” training, but officers still must be taught self-preservation:

“You think of a wife or a husband of a police officer walking out the door every morning. I think that wife or husband of that police officer walking out the door wants that police officer to come home that night.”

Roseville Democrat John Marty responded, in the case of Philando Castile…

“He notified the officer, as I believe people with (concealed-carry) permits are often told to tell the officer, I’ve got a gun. And bang, he was dead. And I’m sorry, but that’s paranoia. You don’t shoot first.”

A measure moving forward in the Democrat-controlled Minnesota House would ban “warrior-style” training for officers.