The Minnesota Department of Health is reporting a lower COVID-19 case growth, declining hospitalization and ICU rates, and the fewest coronavirus deaths since April 12th. Since two weeks have passed since the mass gatherings after the death of George Floyd, can any conclusions be drawn?

“Until we get a little farther out, we’re reluctant to completely celebrate, ” said MDH’s Kris Ehresman. “That’s not to say we’re not completely grateful for every day with positive numbers but unfortunately not enough time has passed.”

Ehresman says the full effect of the protest on the state’s COVID-19 numbers should be seen the end of this week

“If someone developed symptoms at the end of the 14-day incubation period, they likely wouldn’t get tested yet and we likely haven’t processed those tests yet,” said Ehresman. “But we should be able to know the effect of that by the end of this week.”

Ehresman says they’ll wait to wait to see how the business openings of June first and June tenth will affect the state’s numbers.