After an increased presence in public in recent weeks, Governor Tim Walz says he has been personally tested for COVID-19.

“My wife and I were in those streets. We were out with people in front of my house. We were down at 38th and Chicago. And we were at the memorial. We tested yesterday, tested positive. It is very quick it is very easy. We want to bring those as close to you as possible.”

The Governor misspeaking of course, clarifying he tested negative for the virus, but said they’d been joking that “negative was a positive.”

Walz says they will keep a close eye out for symptoms and get tested again.

“They will probably re-test us in seven days. And I think Minnesotans should start to see it that way. Our capacity to do that is there now. We are now testing per 100-thousand about as high as anywhere where we want it to be.”