Governor Walz is calling for police accountability to be an issue to be discussed during a special session of the legislature, which will begin Friday. State Senator Rich Draheim of Madison Lake says the matter needs a thorough discussion.

“We need to have this discussion and we need to make adjustments,” said Draheim. “But I don’t think we need to have it in a couple of days.”

Draheim is calling for a broad conversation.

“Most police departments I’ve talked to already prohibit the chokehold,” said Draheim. “Looking at the tragedy in Minneapolis, if you ban a chokehold but still allow officers to put their knee on a person’s neck, is that any better? We need to look at this issue broadly.”

Walz said in a Wednesday press conference this is a moment that won’t be upon us again, calling on lawmakers to listen to those who were protesting after the death of George Floyd.