Minnesota Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka says they will work quickly to end the peacetime emergency powers used by governor Tim Walz over the past two months when they are called back for a special session.

“We think he’s done terribly on his own. The house has to agree. I don’t think they will, because it is a political year, a campaign year, he is their guy, I just don’t see them doing it. But we need to underline the fact he is not doing well making all the decisions by himself.”

Gazelka pointed to inconsistencies surrounding Walz’s COVID-19 restrictions, most notably, the Governor attending a large funeral gathering for George Floyd, despite funerals and other public gatherings still being subject to his own strict size limitations. Gazelka told MNN affiliate KTLK he has no problem with the funeral being held, but said everyone should be allowed to do the same for their loved ones.

Gazelka says we can all stay vigilant while still opening up Minnesota again.

“Let us get back to normal, let us practice safe distancing, its good to wash your hands, practice safe distancing, cover your cough, all of those things, but within a normal setting, that’s what we should be doing.”