We’re working hard to get Minnesotans back on fields, courts, ice, and more — safely — during COVID-19. We have turned the dial to allow for more activity and more people as safely as possibly by updating our guidance for youth and adult sports.

Moving forward with youth sports

May 11: began meeting with stakeholders; June 1: Practice allowed; June 10: games and competitions for low-risk sports allowed, increased group size from 10 to 25 outdoors; Continue: evaluating safety of opening up more sports.

Different sports carry different risks of COVID-19. These depend on how close people are, whether they share equipment, and other factors as guided by the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic organizations, NCAA, and other stakeholders.

Different sports have different COVID-19 risks

Examples of high-risk sports are wrestling, football, and karate. Examples of medium risk sports are baseball, basketball, and soccer. Examples of low-risk sports include running events, biking, and golf.

Different risk levels mean different precautions. We are hopeful and optimistic that if the COVID-19 health measures continue in the current direction, we will be able to resume games and competitions for medium-risk sports by the end of June.

See guidance for youth and adult sports, including the full list of sports at Stay Safe Guidance for Organized Sports.