A hearing was held Friday in Ramsey County District Court regarding a lawsuit brought by the New House Republicans challenging Governor Walz’s use of executive powers during COVID-19. State Representative Jeremy Munson of Lake Crystal is one of four house members bringing forth the legal action.

“(Attorney General) Keith Ellison came in and wanted to delay it due to COVID,” said Munson. “So we’re not going to have a hearing until July.”

Munson says he’s confident in their case.

“He doesn’t have the authority to issue their orders in the first place in the peacetime emergency due to a public health crisis,” said Munson. “The legislative veto is also unconstitutional and a Governor enacting laws, taking away the legislature’s authority, is also unconstitutional.”

Munson says he expects the Senate, controlled by Republicans, to vote to end Governor Walz’s peacetime emergency on Friday during a special session. The majority of the house and senate must agree for the order to end.