After announcing additional charges against the officers involved in the death of George Floyd, Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison said the work surrounding this case must continue beyond the courtroom.

“In the final analysis a protest can shake a tree and make the fruit fall down.But after that fruit is in reach, collecting it and making the jam must follow.”

Ellison said protests are necessary, but that energy should also be spent on building “just institutions.

Ellison says the real work to bring change has only just begun.

“The demonstrations and the protests are dramatic and necessary. But building just institutions is more of a slow grind, but equally important as well. We need your energy and we need everyone’s help right now.”

Ellison had a message for those still wishing to express their anger through protest

“We hope that they continue to raise the cause of justice, but do it in a peaceful manner. it is their right to express themselves. With that I will say that they should continue in their own communities to get together to build just community relationships.”