For safety, Mankato’s bike lanes provide dedicated road space for bicyclists since they and motorists share city streets. There are three types of road markings designed to help bicyclists and motorists determine how to share the road:
  • Solid white lines separate bike and motor vehicle lanes. A white bicycle symbol and arrow are placed at regular intervals on pavement. Lanes with these markings are for bicycles only.
  • Dashed lines are used for advisory bike lanes, which can be shared by bicyclists and motorists. Advisory bike lanes do not narrow travel lanes or reduce roadway space for motor vehicles. They are designed to bring greater awareness to the roadway as a shared space, help reduce vehicle speeds and improve safety.
  • Shared lane markings are a bicycle symbol and double chevron, which indicates travel direction and shows travel lane is shared. Signage may be posted on a bike boulevard, a bike route without pavement markings, or where a route continues when a bike lane ends.
Other tips for safety and to be seen:
  • Bicyclists should wear a vest or reflective coat, use reflectors and lights at night and wear a helmet.
  • Drivers must also be on the lookout for cyclists because each plays a role in the other’s safety.
Learn more about bicycle safety online, and download “Understanding Bicycle Facilities in Mankato.”
For more information contact staff at 311 or 507-387-8600.