Minneapolis police union president Bob Kroll, is under fire after accusing Mayor Jacob Frey (FRY) and Governor Tim Walz of refusing to “acknowledge the work of MPD and continually shift(ing) blame to it.” Joe Heili from Minneapolis held a sign “Fire Bob Kroll” at a State Capitol rally on Sunday, objecting to Kroll pushing so-called “warrior training” for officers over Mayor Frey’s objections:

“Bob Kroll made sure to secure private funding to continue those practices of teaching police brutality techniques that will escalate situations and leave people dead.”

Governor Tim Walz took issue with Kroll contacting Republican leaders about putting more National Guard troops on Minnesota streets — but about Kroll’s comments that Walz is making MPD officers “scapegoats”…

“At this point in time I don’t think I can comment any further. I don’t have any more information on it.”

Kroll told officers in a letter “You’ve turned the tide of the largest scale riot that Minneapolis has ever seen.” He also said he was working with the union’s attorneys to help the fired officers get their jobs back.