Attorneys say George Floyd’s family wants first-degree murder charges against ex-officer Derek Chauvin, plus the other involved officers charged to the full extent of the law. Attorney Ben Crump cites an independent autopsy by top experts that finds Floyd died from asphyxiation:

“Imagine someone who is your family, and during the last moments of his life on this earth, begging for humanity, begging to be treated like a human being, begging to be treated like one of God’s children.”

Attorneys for the family say officers knew their actions would cause death and are criminally liable.

But attorney Antonio Romanucci stresses:

“Make no mistake…: This is not only about Officer Chauvin and those police officers. This is about the Minneapolis Police Department…. This death will not be in vain. There will be permanent and life-long lasting change.”

State leaders have pledged the same thing.

Attorney Ben Crump says the family of George Floyd is encouraged that Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison is taking over prosecution of the case against ex-officer Derek Chauvin and three other officers. Crump says there’s mistrust of the Minneapolis Police Department’s investigation because an initial report didn’t mention the officer’s knee on Floyd’s neck:

“George asked them for breath saying, I can’t breathe, over and over and over again, with witnesses saying, you’re killing him.”

Crump is urging Attorney General Ellison to arrest the other officers immediately and charge them to the fullest extent of the law “so we can believe that there’s one justice system in America.”