Democratic state lawmakers are demanding a special session to address the devastation caused by rioting, looting and vandalism over the last week. A special session to allocate funds for state works projects was already looming and State Senator Jeff Hayden of Minneapolis says unless those bills are addressed…

“We are prepared not to give our vote to things like the bonding bill and other things that the state needs.”

Hayden is calling for the bonding bill to include recovery funds for communities impacted by damage in the wake of George Floyd’s death–especially small, minority-owned businesses.

Hayden says the package of bills would include:

“A lot of post-board reform, that’s the group that licenses them, looking at the reform how do we get officers, how do we fire officers, we’re looking at special prosecutors to make sure it’s done expeditiously, we’re looking at the residency requirement, we even are looking at the liability insurance issue because you’re bankrupting cities because of the conduct.”