Pandemonium when a semi tanker scattered a group of thousands of peaceful protesters who had closed down the I-35W bridge in Minneapolis Sunday evening. People dragged the driver, reportedly a man from Otsego, out of the truck:

“Some punched the driver as another man yelled “You cannot hurt him! It defeats our purpose! Stop!”

Governor Tim Walz said “to not have tragedy and many deaths is simply an amazing thing” — although the New York Times reports some demonstrators said they saw people injured.   Corrections Commissioner Paul Schnell say there may have been some attempt to get around a traffic diversion:

“There were estimates of over 70 miles an hour as he came in there, so even having (law enforcement) resources there may not have been easy to get and stop that truck prior to him getting up and upon those protesters.”

The driver was taken into custody. The cab he was driving is marked Klemm Tank Lines, Green Bay, Wisconsin. The tanker-trailer carries the markings of an Ohio company, Kenan Advantage Group.