Thousands turned out for a rally Sunday afternoon at the State Capitol, which was ringed by a seven-foot chain-link fence and hundreds of law enforcement officers with armored vehicles. One organizer told the crowd:

“Now that we see that the streets are burning, we are in a position where we can make demands.”

The afternoon rally was peaceful, but turned tense after the evening curfew. Corrections Commissioner Paul Schnell says protesters rushed the fence and officers deployed what Schnell said was a small amount of gas to disperse crowd, and made a dozen-or-less arrests.

Leading activist Nekima Levy-Pounds said they’ve shut down freeways and even the city, and are still not receiving justice:

“We have to shut down the quality of life and the comfort levels of white Minnesotans who stood by, week after week, and hear about the concerns that we have — who watch the same videos that we do and yet they do absolutely nothing.”

Levy-Pounds says the only Minnesota police officer ever convicted of shooting and killing a civilian was a black Muslim Somali, whose victim was “a white affluent woman.”