In response to the shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE), technical education teachers at Mankato Area Public Schools fired up 3D printers to manufacture 800 masks and ear saver devices for frontline healthcare workers at Mankato Clinic.
“Teachers saw an opportunity to help make a difference by using the tools available to create masks for frontline workers,” says Superintendent Paul Peterson. “The work also benefits the community who rely on these workers for their health needs.”
As a key component of Mankato Clinic’s preparation efforts and PPE sustainment plan, the 3D printed masks will be available to frontline staff in the event of a mask shortage and surge of patients. Get Mankato PPE coordinated the effort with design files from Fitted and sanitized between uses, the 3D printed masks can convert one N-95 mask into six masks.
“Our community has truly come together to care for one another. We are extremely grateful to our teachers from Mankato Area Pubic Schools for using their skills and volunteering their time to protect frontline healthcare workers. We are deeply moved by the support of the district and our teachers,” said Dr. Tara Denke, obstetrician/gynecologist and vice chair of the Mankato Clinic board of directors.