There were at least eight fatalities on Minnesota roads over the weekend, the deadliest Memorial Day holiday in 10 years.   Mike Hanson, director of the state Traffic Safety Office says:

“While overall crash numbers are down, the severity rate is up, and what’s driving that severity rate up is speed. The speeds that the officers, troopers and deputies are seeing out there are really horrific.”

At the same time, D-W-I arrests over the Memorial Day weekend were 25 percent less than last year — Hanson says probably because bars and restaurants remain closed until June 1st under the governor’s COVID order.

Hanson says reduced traffic due to COVID-19 is one possible reason motorists are making a dangerous decision to drive faster…

“There’s less congestion out there, there’s more available lane space, so people probably are tempted to push it maybe a little bit faster than they would during more typical traffic conditions.”