In-person religious services will be allowed to resume starting Wednesday May 27th.

“As we move to try and have some of these places of worship open up they’re done with not only the safety and security of not only the congregants but also the community at large.”

Governor Tim Walz says gatherings must be limited to 25% capacity, with a maximum of 250 people in a single enclosed space. The state also placed a limit of 250 people on outdoor services.

“Many of these congregations have gone to great lengths to think about this, I would also like to say many have made the choice and will continue to make the choice, to not open for large gatherings. And to continue to do things virtually.”

Walz said guidelines from the CDC were general and they needed time to compile specifics for the state.

Walz says settling on health guidance was key to this step.

“We’re going to continue and encourage Minnesotans to stay home, urge faith communities to hold remote services as much as possible, and there’s no requirement to open, these are choices that need to be made. But now that we have CDC guidance, there’s health guidance this is a way for us to partner together.”