As Minnesota nurses marched on the State Capitol last night (Wed), warning they don’t have enough personal protective equipment for the COVID pandemic, Governor Tim Walz acknowledges it’s a problem that keeps him up at night:

“What I would say to Minnesotans: If your nurses are nervous about it, there’s probably a reason to be nervous about it.”

Walz accuses the federal government of diverting protective supplies without telling states what their plan is:

“We don’t know why the White House would divert masks away, when Stearns County ranks in the top ten of counties in infection rates going up. That doesn’t seem to have a rhyme or reason. And there’s no published data that tells us why, and no one answers on that.”

White House officials weren’t immediately available for comment.

Walz acknowledges continued problems with supplies of personal protective equipment:

“Am I still concerned about where they’re at?   Yes.”

He says there’s a lot of tension between hospitals and nurses over the availability of personal protective equipment.